Our Program

The Wisdom and Recovery program draws from the theories of internationally renowned Dr. Colin Ross, author of The Trauma Model and Dr. Bessel Van Der Kolk, author of Traumatic Stress. These theories have demonstrated how experiential and insight-oriented healing techniques can help rewire the brain and bring about positive change.

Advances in the field of trauma, brain function and attachment suggest that habitual patterns of thought and behavior have antecedents in brain physiology and function which provide important implications about how change occurs.

Our program recognizes the relationship between early childhood experience, trauma and ineffective behavioral strategies. We work to integrate brain research with the mind/body connectedness, including the exploration of spiritual principles and mindfulness. By expanding our scope by adding Hypnotherapy, we have created a model that promotes self-care, personal growth, and the ability to reach one's highest potential. It is unique, holistic and most importantly effective.