Through education and practicing all we have learned, comes the power to make informed choices about how we want to live and relate to others.


Our workshops are both educational and fun. In them you will learn how childhood influences behavior, how the body's energy imbalances affect emotional and physical health, and how to improve personal relationships. These workshops contain valuable tools for optimal living and longevity.

Childhood Trauma - An educational and experiential workshop in which you will learn how environment and family dynamics from childhood can impact you as an adult. This information is processed by using methods of art, music, role playing, verbalization and writing. A 12-week support group follows.

Couples Relationship Workshop - In this small, confidential workshop you learn how childhood can influence the partners you choose. You will learn about the four types of attachment styles, and how effective communication can help to improve intimacy in a relationship.

The Seven Chakras - In this workshop you will learn about the body's energy and understand the connections between your emotions and physical ease or dis-ease. This process provides a framework for optimal physical, emotional and spiritual health.


Our evening classes include presentations that define specific issues and behaviors that do not serve us well. They further guide us in the recovery process.

Early Childhood Brain Development and Attachment Conflicts - Memory, thinking, feeling, and choices all occur in the brain, before you act. This class addresses environmental and/or family influences and resulting attachment conflicts.

Knowing How: The 20 Concepts - These concepts are the framework of Wisdom and Recovery's program. Over time and with repetition, the use of these tools can re-wire the brain, and help you live life to its fullest.

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For more information on upcoming workshops, classes and support groups, call 503-920-9419.