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“Knowing How” Book Study Group

Join us online to learn how you can “Rewire” the brain to provide lasting recovery from addictions, childhood trauma, and attachment conflicts.

Every Tuesday 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm
January 10th-February 7th

A ZOOM link will be emailed on the morning of each event (PST)

Upcoming Events

20 concepts word art

20 Concepts Powerpoint

Tuesday, January 10th
6:00 pm – 8:00 pm


Relationship Webinar/Workshop

Thursday, February 9
6:00 pm – 8:oo pm

A ZOOM link will be emailed on the morning of each event (PST)

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Workshops are unavailable until further notice

Trauma Weekend Workshop-Friday-Sunday $420

The Seven Chakras Workshop $190 

Couples Relationship Workshop $375


Relationship Webinar/Workshop  (2 hours) $120 per couple

The Seven Chakras Webinar $45 

Brain Development Webinar (2 hours) $45

The 20 Concepts Webinar (2 hours) $45

Healthy Sexuality Webinar (2 hours) $45

HALT Relapse Prevention Webinar (2 hours) $45


Childhood Trauma Support Group (2 hours) $45

Advanced Support Group (2 hours) $45

Couples Support Group (2 hours) $45 per person

Singles Discussion/Support Group (2 hours) $45 per person

Knowing How Book Study
 (2 hours-8 groups) $45 per group

* Webinars and Support Groups will be held online until further notice. Some groups are ongoing while others are time-limited