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Relapse Prevention Webinar 

“Relapse begins before the behavior of addiction is ever acted upon”.
Remember that addictions can be substances or behaviors.
Learn all the warning signs that indicate trouble is only a moment away!
An informative and fun webinar on understanding how to maintain
a lasting healthy and joyful life!


6:00PM -7:30PM (ZOOM)





Book and pages

20 Concepts Book Study

In this group, we will discuss each of the 20 Concepts in-depth,
and learn how to incorporate them into everyday life.
Practicing these concepts consistently will help to “rewire” the brain,
thereby creating new pathways that allow constant
communication between the thinking and emotional brain.
The process of this rewiring will stop the negative effects of PTSD
and help you to lead a more intelligent and fulfilling life.
To purchase a copy of the book, CLICK HERE





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Workshops are unavailable until further notice

Trauma Weekend Workshop-Friday-Sunday $420

The Seven Chakras Workshop $190 

Couples Relationship Workshop $375


Couples Evening Webinar $45.00 per person

The Seven Chakras Webinar $45 

Brain Development Webinar (2 hours) $45

The 20 Concepts Webinar (2 hours) $45

Healthy Sexuality Webinar (2 hours) $45

HALT Relapse Prevention Webinar (2 hours) $45


Childhood Trauma Support Group (2 hours) $45

Advanced Support Group (2 hours) $45

Couples Support Group (2 hours) $45 per person

Singles Discussion/Support Group (2 hours) $45 per person

Knowing How Book Study
 (2 hours-8 groups) $45 per group

* Webinars and Support Groups will be held online until further notice. Some groups are ongoing while others are time-limited