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May 2018

3 years ago · · 0 comments

May 2018


“Did I Live?”
“Did I Love?”
“Did I Matter?”
– Excerpt from The Charge by Brendon Burchard

Dear friends,

Brendon Burchard, Portland resident and founder of Experts Academy believes we may ask ourselves
these 3 important questions at the end of our lives. I believe we should ask them of ourselves NOW!
In the next three newsletters I will be addressing each of these questions.

First question: Did I Live?? When I thought of that first question, I sincerely asked myself, “Am I
living fully each and everyday?” I took a deep breath and felt my chest expand. I realized yes, I was
joyful and at peace with how I was living each day.

Try asking yourself that question and notice your thoughts and feelings. Do you feel an opening
sensation, or do you experience a closing sensation in your heart?

You may also want to ask yourself, “What does living fully look like? What am I doing or want to be
doing? Who is in my life?” Stay with those images and the story in your mind. Notice how your body
feels. If you visualize a life filled with joy, peace, and abundance… take a deep breath and open yourself
to it! Embrace it! If you see a life of lack and deprivation…ask yourself “How did this come to be?

Obviously thoughts and feelings will fluctuate with life’s circumstances, so when difficult events and
challenges confront you, see if you can (or will) shift your perception of them and go to that peaceful
mood state. Ask yourself, “What can I do right now with little effort, to get back to a calm state?”

Repeatedly shifting to a joyful, peaceful feeling will eventually rewire the cerebral brain and the
heart-brain too. The experience will be like coming home to a place you really want to live.
Throughout this whole process, ask yourself, “What can I understand and/or experience, that will
benefit me, and possibly others?” I once heard someone say that questions were more important than
answers! I think they had a good point, because without these questions we wouldn’t seek the answers
that could change our lives.

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