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July 2018


“Did I Matter?”

– Excerpt from The Charge by Brendon Burchard

Dear friends,

This month we look at the third and final statement Brendon Burchard says we will ask ourselves at the end of our life, “Did I matter, and make a difference?”

Anyone who has ever attended a class, workshop or group at W&R is familiar with the statement “Live Large”. When we live large expansive lives, with joy, awareness, and enthusiasm we contribute positive energy to all we come in contact with and therefore to the world at large. You don’t have to be involved in a volunteer position or in a helping career to make a major contribution (although that can be exciting and rewarding).

Several years ago I had a female client who had just found out her husband was going to go to prison for an extended period of time due to a heinous crime he had committed. She had no prior knowledge of this and I could see her grief was tremendous. She was so distraught, she questioned her will to live.

A week later, during our session, she told me that something had changed for her. She had gone to the grocery store and as she was walking out, a man held the door open for her and said, “Let me get that door for you, beautiful”. She was shocked. She told me that it made her realized that in the 30 years she was married, her husband had never once told her she was beautiful. She was certain that no one else in her life had said those words to her either. She told me that after leaving the store, she sat in her car, looked at herself in the mirror, and started to cry. It was at that moment, she decided she wanted to live, divorce her husband and start a new life.

You never know when a smile or an act of kindness will change someone’s life. I doubt if that gentleman ever knew how much he mattered that day, and what a difference he made in one desperate woman’s life!

So live fully, love openly and don’t hold back. By doing this, it’s guaranteed that you will matter and make a difference.


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