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Recovery from Childhood
Attachment Conflicts


Lasting Recovery
from Addictions
and Emotional Conflicts

Wisdom and Recovery

Advances in the field of psychological trauma, brain function, and attachment suggest that habitual patterns of thought and ineffectual behavioral strategies are deeply rooted in our childhood.

At Wisdom and Recovery, we work to integrate brain research with mind/body connectedness, including the exploration of spiritual principles and mindfulness. We provide insight-oriented techniques that can help rewire the brain to bring about positive change.

Educational classes, workshops, and support groups further enhance the program and promote self-care and personal growth which helps our clients achieve their highest potential. The program is unique, holistic, and most importantly effective.



We specialize in working with individuals that have addictions and/or attachment conflicts.


We help couples to eliminate self-defeating habits in order to achieve a depended connection with their partner.


We listen to families and help each member to establish healthy boundaries, show respect, and gain trust.

Webinars, Support Groups and Workshops

We offer a variety of informative and interesting Webinars, Workshops, and Support Groups to help you to more fully understand the mind/body connection and aid in your recovery process.


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