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Owner and Program Director

Julie Valenti graduated with a Certificate in Addiction Studies from JFK University of Psychology in Orinda, California, and studied psychological trauma at the Ross Institute in Richardson, Texas.

Julie has developed a “20 Concepts” approach for people struggling with addiction and/or attachment conflicts that occurred in childhood. She writes and facilitates educational classes, workshops, and support groups offering guidance to individuals, couples, and families. The positive results her clients have experienced from the program and her own personal recovery from childhood trauma have led her to write a book titled “Knowing How”-20 Concepts to Rewire the Brain, which is available on Amazon.

Julie is a Certified Hypnotherapist and an Ordained Minister. She also is a sought-after innovative speaker. In-person and FaceTime sessions, as well as Zoom webinars, allow Julie to help clients across the U.S. and internationally.

Karen Willock, CADC II graduated from Omaha School of Nursing in 1969 and practiced as an LPN for 10 years. Certified alcohol and drug counselor for over 34 years. From 1998 to 2016 she served as the VP of Clinical Services at Serenity Lane. She is a group facilitator for the Washington Physicians Health Program monitoring healthcare providers struggling with addictions or mental health afflictions.

She is a practitioner at Wisdom and Recovery where she counsels clients and runs educational classes and support groups.

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“I am grateful for the insights and support I experienced, and with the major breakthroughs occurring in the Trauma Workshop. The one on one support with Julie, and the follow-up group sessions gave me the courage to change my patterns of self-neglect and abuse learned in a dysfunctional childhood, and repeated in adult relationships. Victim, abuser and rescuer roles no longer have power over me. The workshop was the perfect completion of my spiritual practice and 12-step work. I now live with happiness and awareness, using the tools that help me deal with the minor triggers in life. Thank you Julie, for your kindness, excellence and support. Thank you my fellow trauma survivors too. I will never forget you, and wish you the joys opening up in my life.

Neurologist, Portland, Oregon

“The words that come to mind when I think about the evolution of my sessions with Julie are ACCEPTANCE, COMPASSION and COMMITMENT, which I now have for myself and others. Julie provides simple, consistent concepts for growth and healing. I needed to grow and heal from my past to have the life I wanted. It is a process, but it is centered in self-love, acceptance and learning to harness the power and beauty in me. These lessons and techniques have changed the way I think and feel about many aspects of my life, and given me the courage to listen to my own voice. I am forever grateful.”

Realtor, Portland, Oregon

“My wife and I worked with Julie Valenti during a difficult part of our marriage several years ago. We are still together (27 years now), and our marriage has blossomed. Julie really helped us communicate. I continue to refer clients to her from my own practice.”

Naturopathic Doctor, Vancouver, Washington

“Julie Valenti helped save my marriage, family and sanity! Her Trauma Workshop provided me invaluable insights into why I was reacting in certain ways, and helped me break destructive patterns.”

Medical Doctor, Portland, Oregon

“Acting on the lessons taught by Julie is hard, painful, and completely against all of my instincts. Desperation brought me to Julie, so I saw following the lessons as my only hope. Doing so has changed my life, entirely for the best. My addictive behavior is beginning to seem like an alien part of my past, and my relationships with my mom, husband, brother, friends, and co-workers have benefited.”

Executive Assistant, Portland, Oregon