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October 2018

heart in hands

Healing the World One Heart at a Time

– excerpt from the book, Love for No Reason by Marci Shimoff

Dear Friends,

After reading Al Gore’s book, An Inconvenient Truth in 2006, I began to notice more and more businesses “going green”. I wondered what that particular phrase really meant. I found an answer by reading an article at

According to their definition, “going green” means finding better ways of doing simple things in order to save the world and its environment. Examples are recycling, using less gas and electricity, buying organic, even planting a tree! When I think of the word green, I see trees, grass, and plants, all which are present on our earth to sustain animal and human life.

Loving and caring are matters of the heart. Eastern medicine and philosophy teaches us that there are Seven Chakras (energy clusters) that run up and down the body. Each Chakra has an associated color. The heart is one of the Seven Chakras and its color is green. That makes perfect sense to me, as I believe it will require a profound love to heal the planet we live on. Mother Nature, much like the mother we were born to, nurtures and takes care of us.

However, there comes a day when we realize we must take care of her. In order to love and care at such a high level, we must first turn within, tapping into our own resources. When that time comes, some of us might find we have a heavy heart, most likely as a result of some of life’s pain and betrayals. In her song, Every December Sky”, Beth Nielson Chapman wrote the lyrics, “How heavy the empty heart, how light the heart that’s full”.

At Wisdom and Recovery, we focus on working through our pain and healing our wounded heart chakra. When we accomplish this, we will have an abundance of love, compassion, and peace to bring to the world.