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April 2021

Don’t ask yourself what the world needs! Ask what makes you come alive… and GO DO IT!Because what the world needs … is people who have Come Alive!
– Howard Thurman
If you are unfamiliar with Howard Thurman please spend a few minutes researching his work and I promise you will not be sorry.

So I asked myself what makes me feel alive? One thing I know for certain it’s being part of a community that focuses on a collective consciousness that heals oneself and which then contributes to healing the world. In the Wisdom and Recovery community, this is our highest goal! 
Contributions can take many forms and one very powerful form is helping someone, who is struggling with dark times, to step into the light. We can do this by speaking words of encouragement, by carrying ourselves in a mindful way, or by giving someone a phone number of a caring professional. Sometimes just a smile can be a significant contribution.

Remember, when we are feeling joyful and/or peaceful we are not only a magnet for positive energy, but we also are capable of sharing that positive energy with anyone we come into contact with. 
Spring is a time of year when animals are born and plant life “comes alive.” Isn’t it true that we humans also feel more alive in the spring as the sun warms us and increases our “feel good” hormones? Take some time now to think about what you are doing when you are feeling totally “alive.” Make a list of your most wonderful attributes. What are they? Your kindness? Your great sense of humor and playfulness? Perhaps it’s your compassion and wisdom?
Go out into this world and share these attributes with family, friends, and others that you meet on this pathway which we all are walking. The world needs each and every one of you and the time is now!

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