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May 2021

Isn’t it perfect that Mother’s Day is celebrated in early spring when Mother Nature is giving birth to fertilized seeds after a long gestational period? Many animals are also giving birth at this time, which seems like good timing, as their young will have plenty of plants to eat, in addition to nursing from their mothers.
Mother’s Day began as tribal worship of the goddess of the sun, earth, and all that gives life. This ritual ended when the earliest settlers came to America, some say due to the harsh conditions that left little time for celebrations. Anna Jarvis, originally the power behind establishing Mother’s Day, later protested the celebration because of how commercial it had become (see
Mother’s Day continues to be celebrated worldwide. Some celebrate Mother Nature in Spring as well – with its mountains, beaches, waterfalls, trees, animals and plants. We honor Mother Earth for the food, air, water and all that she provides to nourish, protect and sustain our lives. In her “heart” are ions, which when inhaled, reach our bloodstream and increase the chemical Serotonin, the hormone which alleviates depression and boosts energy. It can also create a sense of euphoria, and enhance our immune system. It is well known that the mother/child bonding is the simple most important factor in the overall mental and physical development of an infant. When an infant or child is held to their mother’s heart, they also experience this boost in Serotonin, and their immune system functions at optimum levels. 
Even if you have lost your birth mother due to death, mental illness, addiction or another type of abandonment, you can still celebrate Mother Earth, letting her hold and nurture you. If you are a mother, honor yourself for creating the miracle of life. 

Remember, that to love and be loved, to support and be supported, and to nurture and be nurtured is our birthright, and that we are all connected.

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