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5 years ago · · 0 comments

December 2018 Newsletter

“It wasn’t the world that changed, it was the way I saw the world that changed. When I realized that, my entire life changed.”

Dear friends,

While I was preparing to write this month’s newsletter, a few ideas came to mind. Christmas and the holiday season are on everyone’s mind, so my first thought was to write about the origins of Christmas. As I began to research this, what I read was rather disturbing. It certainly was not the uplifting message I had intended to send.

The second topic idea that came to mind was consumerism, which seems to pervade the holiday season. Along with that often comes the problem of figuring out what to get for whom. That topic, somehow, didn’t feel right either.

The third subject I contemplated was the “Son of God” versus the “God of Sun” conundrum.

The blending of Pagan and Christian rituals brought me back to my first topic, and some of the same information regarding the origins surfaced in my research.

Finally, I thought of who actually reads this newsletter – You. All of you have in some ways touched my heart and soul.

So this holiday season, I decided to share with you, a list of my favorite reminders of the beauty you all hold within. At Wisdom and Recovery, we understand the power of positive thinking and affirmations. As you know, with time and repetition, we truly can rewire our brains and begin to see the world through new eyes.

Please consider printing this list and frequently read the affirmations that speak to you.


Believe in yourself.
Anything is possible.
Inside of you, there is a miracle.
Have the courage to be yourself.
Your uniqueness is your gift.
Make peace with your past and let go.
Be kind to yourself and others.
You have abilities and talents.
Never give up trying.
Believe in your dream.
Every situation presents an opportunity.
There’s something great waiting for you.
Listen to your feelings.
Find your passion.
Be creative.
Open yourself more to nature.
Be honest.
Respect yourself and others.
Be prepared to change

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