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February 2021

When day comes, we ask ourselves where can I find light in this never-ending shade? 
– Amanda Gorman from “The Hill We Climb”
When I heard Amanda Gorman’s recital of her poem on Inauguration Day my eyes filled with tears. Later that day when I shared it with a friend it happened again. What is so heart opening about the words she said? 
A cold shade has existed for most of us this past year and we have longed for the warmth. We’ve all felt fear and pain while lost in the darkness, and our very survival has been at risk. Today, we finally see a glimmer of light at the top of the hill and we know there is a way forward.

Each of us is climbing the same hill even though we may be taking separate paths. For some that path is steep and treacherous; for others, it is a laborious and constant upward trajectory. Yet we all are on this hill together. We all want to move up and beyond where we are currently. 
What is at the summit? Where do you find your light? Is it the new president, a vaccine, or perhaps God? Is it a newborn baby, the beauty of a fresh snowfall, or the sparkling sunshine on the ocean waves? Whatever it is we must acknowledge it and embrace it. It is there if we look closely! 

At Wisdom and Recovery, our focus is on the evolution of our spirit, our soul. and the evolution of our brain as we challenge ourselves to be “Advanced Thinkers”. We challenge ourselves to think more clearly, feel more deeply, and behave more responsibly. We use the 20 Concepts as a path that offers an effective and certain way upward. 
As we climb this hill together let’s remember that while it’s challenging… it also is the way to a higher way of being and that there is a tremendous reward that waits for us at the top! 

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