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4 years ago · · 0 comments

January 2019 Newsletter

charity word art

For last year’s words belong to language and next year’s words await another voice.”
– T.S. Eliot (1888-1995) Winner of 1948 Nobel Prize in Literature

Dear Friends,

Ponder, for a moment or two, what T.S. Eliot’s words mean to you. As I read them, I felt a sense of excitement and hope for a more consciously evolved life.

Recently, I read the book, Evolutionaries by Carter Phipps. The book speaks about like-minded people who believe that each of us individually and all of us collectively are responsible for the evolvement of the human species.

As we think about T. S. Eliot’s quote, we might consider looking back at our own lives and language. Would we make the same choices today that we made a few years ago? Realizing that we have changed, we had no choice but to evolve in and over time. Yet, we do have a choice to quicken that process, if we desire.

Like Evolutionaries, we at Wisdom and Recovery believe that we all can contribute to a more evolved consciousness by being mindfully considerate to all living species, and acting with kindness, honesty, and integrity. Imagine what our lives could be if we held these characteristics as our highest goal.

Some of us must first ask ourselves if there are issues that perhaps are keeping us blocked from living a fully awake and highly-evolved conscious life.

Through this enlightening process, we will eventually be able to proudly contribute our words to be a healthy part of next years voice!


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