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March 2019 Newsletter

sunset-einstein quote

“The only reason for time is so that everything doesn’t happen at once.”

– Albert Einstein

Dear friends.

Doesn’t it seem that people these days are somewhat preoccupied by time? They often say things like, “I just don’t have enough time”, or “There just isn’t enough time in a day.” In actuality, time is a formula for us to use in order to make things flow a bit more smoothly. Yet, sometimes it seems to cause more stress than flow!

The brain’s cerebral cortex is where thinking, numbers, and formulas are generated. In other words, time! In another part of the brain, the limbic which has to do with memory and feelings, there is timelessness. Take a moment now and recall a joyful, peaceful experience you have had and you will feel your body respond positively. That’s because the limbic doesn’t know real from imagined, or now from then. Cool huh?

Back to the formula of time and its conglomeration of numbers. It really is a tool. If we want to build something, whether it’s a house or a life full of joyful experiences, we have to use that tool. Now, think… doesn’t something else have to happen in order to use that tool to create what we desire? The answer is Yes! Attention, motivation, effort and maybe some enthusiasm need to be present, as well. Instead of time management, which is close to impossible, perhaps we need to begin to manage ourselves. Ask yourself, “What are my priorities?” What am I living for? and ultimately, “What makes me feel truly ALIVE?”

Start counting experiences rather than numbers. Then, as we approach the end of our life, time will become less significant and our life’s experiences will have value beyond measure. Remember to use the formula of time every day to look at Nature’s beauty, to hug someone, to say a kind word, and to laugh!

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